Hello everyone, I am looking for a user manual for using this function; could anyone help me ??? thank you all


• Table Views in forms: Use the new layout element "View" to embed a table view querying data from other tables.

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Do you review this ??? https://ninoxdb.de/en/manual/tables/views

Following is a live example.  I have a table to track my Statements Of Work (SOWS).  I also have a table for Resources.   Resources are assigned via the SOW Details / Amendments..   On the main SOW data entry panel.. I want to see a summary of all amendments.. and a summary of all the Resources that have been assigned over the life / duration of the SOW. 

sows data entry

Here is how the view is defined within the main SOW data entry page:  ... I had to have support help me with the query.. I did not know I needed to convert the Id to a number.. :(

sows view