Help with SELECT query needed!


When doing something once, finding the optimal solution is not indispensable. Nevetheless, you could have saved yourself some work by: opening the "Treatments" table, select "Update multiple records…" in the "Gear" menu, choose "Assign calculated value" for the "Days" field, and enter "Treatmentlist.Name" as the formula. Once in a while, Ninox can really be almost "nocode" :-).

In the meantime, just for fun, I updated my toy database, wich has got a new url:

In the "Treatmentlist" table, I added a view showing the instances of the current treatment that are overdue. The formula to fill this view is a sibling of the one in the dashboard, but since we do have a relation in place, it does not need to invoke the almighty "select" command. Also, since it follows the reference, the first condition is of course true by definition and must not be checked anymore. I also added a tabular view that pinpoints the records where that view is not empty. If this is not useful for you, no problem, it was fun to make.

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Hello Alain!

I did not think that "Update multiple records…" will work that way - very useful to know!!!

Your db is very helpful, and the tabular view is cool - we can see in a glance what treatments are due in general. Very helpful!

Dear Alain - thank you very much again!!!! You are a very good teacher!!!