Hi I am new to Ninox and I think it's great. I have a problem though: how do I create a form where I can change the layout so it represents other fields in another layout than my other form layout. Any changes I make in form1 seem to be applied to form2 as well and if I want to remove a field from the view it seems to be deleted altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Anna & Michiel

If you haven“t heard from Alain and would still like some help over zoom, I am quite flexible over the next few days and would be happy to help.



Hi Simon, thank you for your kind offer to help. Can I invite you to a Teams meeting or similar in the next few days and if so, can you confirm your email address at my e-mail address which is mvandeursen@nbcc.co.uk? I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Michiel

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