Hide part of a database?

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Is there a way to hide a group of records without deleting them? I want to use my database as a template without losing the complete reference to the previous entries. I'm thinking my best option is to save an archive with the older entries and then clear the entires to make the template.

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Mr. K., are you wanting to copy the data model?




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No. I want to hide some of the data in the current database. I see I can hide a table and then make it visible again by clicking the wrench/edit fields/uncheck hidden. I tried that and it does what I need. Thanks

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@Mr K.. From whom are  you hiding the previous entires? 

Sean is pointing you to a good thread, but the short coming of that apporach is that copying the data model does NOT copy the global function definitions.. at lease I could not see that it did.

The best approachis as you describe, create an archive.  import that into a new database.. and clear out the previous data using the console (or create logic behind a button) to delete (select 'TABLE NAME TO CLEAR ALL ROWS' )

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Thanks, but what I did works great for me. I'm hiding the entries from myself. I only need to see them as a reference (maybe) in the future.

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@Mr K.. then what I would do is.... 

First , create a Configuration table... with two columns.. Key and Value..   Populate a row with Key=Show Rows After and Value=2019-09-01

Then.. within the desired table's Readable If script.. add logic to look up the value.. parse into a date.. and compare that date to the rows create date.  If create date is greater than or equal to (your choice on inclusive vs. exclusive) return true.. else .. return false. 

If you have varying tables.. you can extend this pattern to be table specific. 

Hope that helps.