Ho w can I get this software to work with my HP printer? see below


When I try to print a table on my HP OfficeJet Pro X476dwMFP it won't print. Instead I see this message " Client Order.pdf. Stopped-can't open the file'/private/var/spool/cups/tmp/015225b990967


There are several new Printer users get trouble to connect some specific software to the HP Printer. Actually, it may not respond in a proper manner. They take any suggestions from the https://supportnumbers.net/blog/hp-printer-assistant-not-opening/ that will be useful to them.

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Ninox does print not directly on a printer but create a PDF that can be printed from the preview or the PDF viewer.

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I have had success using CUPS to set up a network printer on a raspberry pi, then created a node.js REST API for printing. Now I can use a HTTP call in Ninox to print product labels. I am printing ZPL files, but you should be able to do something similar for a PDF. But it is probably too much work.

You may want to look into HP ePrint. It looks like you can send an email to the printer, and have it printed, including attachements.

HP ePrint

With HP ePrint , you can print anywhere, anytime, from a mobile phone, laptop, or any other mobile device. HP ePrint works with any email-capable device. If you can e-mail, you can print to an HP ePrint- enabled product. For more details, go to www.hpeprintcenter.com.

NOTE: The product must be connected to a network and have Internet access to use HP ePrint.




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