How can I extract a zip code from a location?


How can I extract a zip code from a location?

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Well.. You may have to make some assumptions..... but 

let parts := split(text(Location), " ")

will get you all the parts.  

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If we make an assumption that we will address only US Postal Codes.. here is an example.. 

First.. the location of my most favorite place.. 


Parse for US Postal Code


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Again.. valid only for US addresses... if you want to use split / parts.. 



You need to be very precise with your postal address when you order something for the delivery to your door. Especially if you live in some remote area which is well known to the couriers. Be very careful with every detail, especially your zip code [url=][/url]. And always leave your telephone number to avoid unpleasant surprises with your order. Or contact the technical team on any issue.