How can I generate bar codes from my ninox database ?


My company is using Ninox. We have a database which contains all our references. I'd like to know how can I generate a bar code for each reference and how can I scan it ? The best could be to generate one bar code for each line and that we could scan it to find it in ninox.




I think is not possible directly with ninox. It was a good idea to implement this in the future... I need it also.

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A barcode is just a set of characters. I have Ninox create a unique barcode string for each of my products. Then I use the http() function to send the product label to a printer to create the label with a barcode.


ninox can use a iPhone/iPad camera to scan barcodes. A string is returned after the barcode is scanned. 

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There is a REST API to create barcodes at the link below .  You could use the http() function to create the barcode image and import it into Ninox.


Ummh !! Very good ! Thanks :-)

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I forgot that the http() function wants  a json response, so you can’t directly import the file.


From the manual

Return Value

A json object containing either an error or a result property.


I ended up doing a workaround to import fillable pdf forms.

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I am overcomplicating this.

You can use importFile() to create the barcode. No need to use the http().

importFile(Id, ""+ barcode +".png", "barcode.png")

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To import the barcode as an image in the record instead of an attachement, you can do this:


Image := importFile(Id, ""+ barcode +".png", "barcode.png")


Thank you Blackie, I have using tomorow your tip about barcode.  


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Friday, November 16, 2018 9:23 AM:-

"I have Ninox create a unique barcode string for each of my products".

How did you do this? Could the details be provided please?


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