How can I generate bar codes from my ninox database ?


Oops! I have sussed it.

This is excellent. Many thanks.

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This don`t work anymore, anyone knows a alternative?

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Hello il you can find a program in the EN 2020 webinar folder,in the ninox app. this is the SVG BARCODE GS1 program. I would have taken a screenshot but it doesn't work. You have to be connected to internet to use it. 

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Hello Alain, thank you for the answer. do you know how can a found this folder? 

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the screenshot still does not work 🙁 

of memory you must contact the service  then in the Ninox application there will be the Webinar EN 2020 tab with examples of programs




It appears that has sunset. Does anyone know of any other HTTP calls that can do exactly this?


Image := importFile(Id, ""+ barcode +".png", "barcode.png")

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