How can I set up two fields, one showing date/time record was created, one showing date/time of last modification?

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No clue as to what is required here

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maybe with this? :

Get the creation date of the current record: _cd
Get the date of last modification: _md

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Thank you, Steven. 

I'm just starting out.

Is there a beginner's guide to Ninox scripting syntax somewhere?

Is there a list of all possible scripting elements somewhere?

Right now, I have a field of type Date/Time labelled "Date Modified". I want to take advantage of Steven's  _md, but I have no idea into which option or even into which object to put it. Does it go into my "Date Modified," or is it somehow attached to the record itself?

I also don't know how to build it out into an effective formula. (Sorry for my level of ignorance.)

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Hi ecom,

First create a formula field. Name this field Created on: or something you want. Use text(_cd) as formula for this field. 

I’m also a beginner with Ninox and i find the webinars very interesting!

Sorry for my English... I’m dutch

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Same for _md

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Here is the Manual:


for the Reference of Functions and Language:




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Thank you so much!

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Still struggling with Date Created and Date Modified using the Mac version 2.4.3.

Date Created, using the formula, "text(_cd)", auto-modified to "text('Created on')", shows proper date and time when a new record is created, but, when I touch the cloud icon and then reopen the record, the date is gone.

Date Modified, using the formula, "text(_md)", acts just the way Date Created does: It constantly shows the creation date & time, not the modified date & time, never updating when I change data even in multiple fields, and the data likewise disappears when the cloud icon is touched.

Am I doing something wrong, or are these bugs?

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Date Modified will be set to Date Created when a new record is created.  If working with an old card, field remains blank, so only time it appears to be triggered is during the creation of a new record.

Also, I am using iCloud, not Ninox Cloud

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Created on, Modified On and _cd, _md don't work with Mac app.

I use triggers for that:


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 21.46.21



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