How can I set up two fields, one showing date/time record was created, one showing date/time of last modification?
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I see now I was working in entirely the wrong place. This function has to be done in the Edit Fields... option in the Table menu.

I first created two new Date/Time fields titled Created on and Modified on.

Then, in the Table | Edit Fields dialog, under "Trigger on create," I entered the formula: 'Created on' := now()

In the Trigger after update, I entered: 'Modified on' := now()

Everything now works perfectly!

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Thanks, Nick. Your solution posted while I was writing mine. Apparently, they've fixed "Created on" and "Modified on" as they appear to be working now. My biggest problem was that I was trying to enter the formula in the fields I had created to hold the dates, since I didn't know about the built-in trigger boxes in the table-specific stuff under "Table | Edit fields..." So much to learn!


I'm having a similar problem, on both iPad and iPhone. I set the Trigger on Create and Trigger After Update as indicated in this message thread. For the Modified Date, I used the formula;

format('Modified on', "MM/DD/YY")

The creation date is put into this field when a record is created. But there are two problems:

1. The data never changes after I modify the record.

2. When I close the database, then reopen it, the dates are gone.

What am I missing?


Sorry, I meant "The date never changes" in point #1.

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