How customers access the database?

Suppose I have three (or more) customers A.B.C. How do they access the NINOX database (only applicable to the data I opened to them), but can not see the data of others.
Is the "Share this view" HTML valid? Or are there other ways?
Thank you
In addition, can "FORM" be used in "SHARE THIS VIEW"?


Can I use "FORM" to share with the client on HTML?

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It sounds like you want a multi-tenant solution where a "permanent session filter" could be applied to each table at startup. For example, if the filter criteria was an email address, then the user could only see records that contain their email address. Multi-tenancy is a powerful concept because it allows one solution to serve multiple "tenants" (ie. update solution once and all tenants benefit from the upgrade). I think a "permanent session filter" would be a good new feature request for Ninox.

Hello Dean Westover, sorry, I'm a novice, I don't understand what you mean.

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For read only access "Share this view" should work for table view. For form view you can print to pdf and then email them the pdf file.

Hello, I have 250 data, is there a way to batch convert to PDF and send to 250 people instead of 250 times.Thanks

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I have not doen what you describe. Maybe someone else can reply.

Dean Westover,thank you very much.