How do I Import List of PDF files in a folder into The image column of a Ninox table?


I am trying to build a recipe data base that is based on recipes in pdf files then create selection criteria that will sort the pdf files.  So I think that I want to load the pdf files into a image column in a table and Iwill then create several multichoice columns to sort the table based on item/meat, cook method, menu type/vegetable/entree/desert, or some structure like that I need yet to develop sorting variables.  First item of business though is to create basic table and figure out how to get recipe pdf's into it.  I am totally new to Ninox this is my first attempt!


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Check out this thread..

Basically .. First.. create a file that holds the file paths.  import that.. Then loop through the table and set the image to that file.   I have not tried it... but seems plausable.