How to add an xlxs or CSV formatted Organizational Chart ?


can someone answer?

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Take a look at the Accounting template.  Look at the Accounts table.. and notice there is a relationship called Sub Accounts.. Which is a relationship back to itself... thus forming a chart of accounts.. Or.. in your case.. a hierarchy of person to supervisor (another person). 


@Mconneen- Can you please provide some details on how exactly to add the chart. Like if you can kindly give the steps so that would be great.? Thanks

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Create a CSV file that looks like this. 


Create a Person (or employee whatever) table that looks like this. 


Import the base records..   NOTE.. you will have to fill in the field for the related person.. 


You will notice that on the first import.. the Supervisor fields will all be BLANK.. that is becuse they did not exist yet. The first import created them... Run the import AGAIN.. same definiton as above. and POOF.. 


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This is also VERY WELL WRITTEN in the user manual here..


Thanks Very much for providing this detail understandings. Really appreciated!!

I would go ahead and start using this, while it sort of imcomplete.. I mean, by creating this type of chart in CSV  the CSV also gives the graphical understandings on the relationship of each of the team memebrs from top to bottom, as normally we can find in any organizational chart. I guess this piece is still missing in Ninox.