How to create a new role In Ninox cloud
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I followed the instructions in the manuel, but I can't find the place to add and edit user roles. Basically I need to define roles that allow some users only to create records with a limited number of fields, and others with specific editing rights to specific fields. 

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If you edit a field, it should be under "more options".

You assign a user role when you invite the new user to the team.

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oh, when you do the invite, there is an option to create a new user role.

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And you can create and change user roles if you are in the web app by clicking on a team member on the right side, then looking at "access rights". There is an option there to create a new user role.

You may need to have a second user, because it doesn't look like the owner of the team has the "access rights" dropdown.

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Hi blackie - thanks for replying.

OK, so if I understand correctly, Ninox lets you assign a role to each individual team member, and create a new role (in effect just a role label) for new team members whose access rights will differ from others. After that the new role appears in the dropdowns for each individual field and view, where it can be allowed/disallowed case by case.

That seems slightly back to front. I was expecting to find a global control on a role where you could define access rights using a mutli choice array. I assume, though, that this doesn't exist?

Also, I'd planned to use roles to make Ninox work as a web form - in other words, to have a special login, open to anyone with a link, enabling people who aren't invited as team members to create records and fill in a selected, limited number of fields. Is there any way to do that? Or any workaround?


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This would be possible via the Ninox REST API. See here:


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Hi Birger. That's great news, but all that script is making my head spin. It's way beyond my abilities right now to pull it all together and make it work. Is this something I could ask the support team to do (or pay you to do it, since this is core functionality for me)? Otherwise I'm just lost.

What I'm hoping to achieve is:

1. External user clicks a URL to reach Ninox.

2. URL opens up a form showing a bit of explanatory text and a selected set of mandatory fields (text, choice and image).

3. When user confirms, Ninox creates a new record on my Haggai / ITEM table and displays a thank-you message.


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Birger, is this something the Ninox support team can help with? Don't want to overload you, but not sure I can string the script together myself.

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Hello all, I`m also looking for a way to have a web form automatically create a new record and attach a pdf file to that record, it was my understading that this was now possible using Google forms and an API, can you please give us further information on how we can achieve this?

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@David (yeah.. tags don't work.. but you get my drift..:) ) ... It does not quite work like that..   From your web site.. (where the user is entering into a web form).. You would do a REST API Post into your Items table.   Obviously .. there is a bit more code..