How to get image formula field on print view



I'm using a formula field (named "html") with html code <a href... to get a picture.

I can see the picture in a formula field (named "photo") of the form by using html(html)  but I can't see the picture with the field "photo" in the print preview.

How can I get this picture formula field on my print preview?

Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day.

David W.


Can someone help me please?

Have a nice day,

David W.

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Hi David, 

That would be a good question for our webinar on Tuesdays and it would be great if you could bring it up there.

Thank you very much.

At our Ninox webinar tips and tricks will be presented in the first 30 minutes, the remaining 90 minutes will be used for a live support where the participants' concerns will be solved. 

You can register here for the webinar, which takes place every Tuesday at 18 o'clock CEST:

Kind regards, Jörg


Hi Jörg,

Of course but it's very difficult for me to be available at this time on Tuesday.

If it's talking about this during the webinar, should be possible to get the replay?

And, in general, can we find somewhere the replays of the webinars?

Thanks for your help,

David W.