How to keep from creating multiple instances of a table window


I have created a button that finds another record in the same table, then opens a form with that record. The code works fine, except that each time I click on the button, another copy of the same table window is created. If I click on the button 5 times, the 5 extra copies of the table window are created. Then I have to hit the back button (<) 6 times in order to close the database.

The record forms are being displayed and closed properly. It's only the table windows that are a problem.

How can I keep from creating all of the duplicate table windows?

This is the relevant part of the code:

openRecord(record(Products, nextId))


Additional information:


 This problem occurs on an iPhone, but not on an iPad. Perhaps it's a bug?

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Try popupRecord(record(Products, nextId)) 





I tried your suggestion, and it worked.Thanks!

I don't understand the difference between popupRecord and openRecord. The explanation in the manual doesn't help.