How to massively link all invoices to their customer?
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I have imported a customer table with 300 records and an invoice table with 500 records. Both tables have the customer no. How to massively link all invoices to their customer? I know how to do it one by one from the tutorial. Is there a way to complete the linkage all in one go? Please advise. 

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See here:


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Thank you, Birger, for the information.  I tired the mass-data-update as you suggested.

It's very useful for the regular data fields. However, the linked filed seems to take the data as row-id and ended up linked to the wrong customer.  

For example, in my invoice table, I have imported cust no, 22NDTI, I added a linked field to the customer table(cust no).  I used the mass data update, only the number 22 was updated to the linked field. The customer with row_id 22 was linked to the customer no "22NDTI" in the invoice.  As row_id and cust_no are different fields. I got a mismatch. 

Any further solution is greatly appreciated!