How to move a line?


Hi, I just don't understand how can I move a line from my database, in another position.

When I've entered the last data, it was not placed on the last position, but in the center of the database (not in line 24, but 16), I don't understand why!!  But, how can I correct this?

Thanks and best regards, Dan.

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Sounds like the table is being sorted in a way you're not expecting. Check your column headers for the ^ symbol or the upside down version of it. I don't think it's possible for the table to be unsorted so you'll have to choose a column to sort by. Click on a column header for options.


Hi all.


Is it possible to unsort a column???



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Right-click a column header and choose to add the "id" column. Then sort by that column to return to the natural order. Note that the id column is not the same as the row number column.


[SOLVED] (kind of):  Thank you, Dean!  I had just figured that approach and was coming here to update my post when I saw your reply!  Great minds, I suppose!     Thanks!