How to reference a subtable single value

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What would be the right syntax in a formula to use a value from a subtable data set like

MainTable.Field1 - Subtable.Column2.FieldValue where Subtable.Column3.FieldValue = Textstring?

In a table "P&L" I have a field "Net Sales" and in a subtable "Indirect Cost" many data sets with a dropdown in COL1 to chose the cost area from, ex. "Production", and somewhere a field "Total".

In a new function field "Gross Margin" in table "P&L" I want to deduct "IndirectCost.Total" for "Production" from "P&L.NetSales".

I have no clue how to do this.

Thanks, Uwe.

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Hi Uwe,

from your name and e-mail address I assume that you speak also German. In that case I would suggest to join our German webinar tomorrow and ask there for help, that would possibly allow us to have look on it together.

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If you don't speak German there is an English webinar every Tuesday (it has already started today but may still join it).

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Best regards, Jörg