I can't get a Dynamic Choice to select from a table. It works in other circumstances.


I'm building a dashboard form, and I'm stumped.

I have a Dynamic Choice which returns a value from Column Kit from a table Kits. Works fine. In the Dynamic Choice, the Dynamic Values are "select Kits" and Dynamic Value Name is "Kit". The Dynamic Choice populates.

In a formula box, I want to select a value from this Kits table depending on the dynamic choice. My code is:

let i := Choice;
(select Kits where Kit = i).Price

I get an empty return

As a test, I have a value from Chioce, which is "Dave". If I hard code this in as such:

let i := Choice;
(select Kits where Kit = "Dave").Price

This works fine - I don't know why Ninox isn't making the link. Can you help?



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You're a star. This also fixed a number of formatting issues I've been having. I'm pretty steeped in SQL, but need to get my head in the Ninox idioms. 


Is there somewhere in the manual that explains this - it seems pretty powerful.


Hi Mark


This is what the manual says:-

record(tableName, recordId)

record(tableName, recordId).fieldName
Use the record function to return the nth record id of a table as a handle.
Note that recordID is not a position in a sorted view. If a record has been deleted, using that recordID will return a null, since the ID no longer exists and never will again.


Regards John