I don't have a iCloud link on my Ninox start page


I don't have a iCloud link on my Ninox start page

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What platform are you running on?   Here is an example of the Mac app. 


Once opened.. you see the cloud icon.. Is this the one you are referring to? 


And local databases do not have the clound sync. 



Im using the Nixox Cloud trial. 

do you have have a trial for the Mac OS ? 


the Apple App store says the Mac OS ver is $35.00. on the Ninox web site if i click upgrade its about $100.00 . whats this some kind of scam? Certianly apperar to be.

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Absolutely NO scam.   Ninox is one of the BEST software companies I have had the pleasure working with over my 30+ years in Information Technology (IT).   Their weekly webinars and support are out of this world. 

Yes.. the Mac App is $34.99 (USD) ...  the Ninox Cloud version is $8.33 per month.. as they say.. the devil is in the details.. They bill it annually ... so $8.33 x 12 = $99.96.. 


Which version is right for you??? It all depends on your requirements..    If you just want to kick the tires.. develop some local databases, see what templates are available .. etc..  The Mac / iPad or Android app is the way to go.. For $35.. you have a great local / iCloud platform. 

If you want to develop more complex applications that support role based authorization, have the "in the cloud" automated back up.... share with multiple users .. then multiple Ninox Cloud licenses are the way to go.. 

My suggestion... schedule a one on one webinar with Ninox support to discuss your use case(s) .. and they will honestly direct you in the proper direction. 

If you want a "non" Ninox corporate view.. check out their partners page 


There are a few U.S. partners.. 


is one of them... 

OR.. just reply on this thread and let us see where it goes.. :) 

DISCLAIMER.. I am NOT affiliated with Ninox nor any of their partners..