I need access to Lightspeed Retail


I want to have either an API access, Webhook, Zaiper type connection to information inside of Lightspeed retail and not really sure if this is the answer.

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This would seem to be a better question for the Ligthspeed Retail blog.  Only spending a few minutes on their site.   I found 


Once you determine their integration capabilities..  Then you could use the Ninox REST API to sync the desired data points. 

 Hmm.. That said.. a POS written on top of NinoxDB would be an interesting challenge... :) 


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OK.. I trolled around the Lightspeed Retail site and found these links. 



Lightspeed ofers a full RESTful API..  My recommendation would be to use that..    From within Ninox.. use the "do sever" and the http commands.   Following is a snippet from the Webinar 26_API_get_databases.