I need to see if a value = something from combo box that it will create a new event in my history table. Currently i have a project table and when i select "PENDING" i want it to create a new event in my history "New item pending"


Status = "Pending";
History.'Create New Event' = "test";

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If you want to check a Choice field (Multi Choice field) you need to use the following formula:


if text(Status) = "Pending" then ....




if Status = 2 then..... 


, as Ninox will check for the index number of the value in the choice field if you not assign to check for the text with the "text(Field)". 

Best, Jörg


Ok  what is the proper way of adding a new row in a seperate table?

if text(Status) = "Bid" then
text(History.'Create New Event') = "Project move to Bid Status";
text(History.Date) = "now()"
text(History.Id) = "Projects.ID"


I have a relationship between my projects and history tables. My ultimate goal is to when i select an option "Bid/Submitted/Pending/etc" it will automatically create a entry in my history table to i can keep track where my bids are. Currently i am adding the entries by hand



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You can add the code to "Trigger after update" in your main table.

if text(Status) = "Bid" then

let h := (create History);

h.(Event := "Bid");

h.(Date := now())