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I bought the application. (Apple App Store)

I saved my first dBase in my iCloud,

but I can't see the file?

Why is that?


Kees de Graaff

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Kees.. can you be more discriptive?    Ensure you see a "cloud" in the upper right database icon corner.  Make sure your iCloud UID / Password is correct on your machine.. 

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When i go to my iCloud-folder on my mac, i don't see the NINOX file. Why? (But i start to understand that's ok)


By the way,

You're really amazing me with this incredible nice piece of software. (too cheap !!)

I was really flabberghasted. So cute, so well done. Wauauauwww.

I've been using Filemaker pro for the last 25 years, but NINOX is many times better !!!

You've solved all my problems. 


With friendly regards

Yours sincerely


Kees de Graaff


a very very happy customer.


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Apple does not allow access to application data via the Finder. That means the data is not visible in the iCloud folder.

Best, Jörg