iCloud sync erases all new data from Mac


Since upgrading to Mojave, every time I enter new data on my Mac, it disappears and never syncs. This happens whether I quit the application on the Mac or sync to iCloud. If I enter the same data from my iPhone, it syncs perfectly. Is this a known issue?

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Hi, could you try to log out from iCloud, restart your device and log in again. Sometimes iCloud freezes.

Let me know if this helped.

Best regards, Alex


Logged out, restarted, logged in again. Did not work. Entered information on an existing record, went to another record, went back (still there), synced iCloud, info disappeared.

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Could you please try the following: 

- Save your database as archive on your device with the function "Save archive as...".

- Import the database with another Name. 

- Try if the unexpected behavior shows also with this new database.

- If it does not, you may deleted the old database.

Best regards, Jörg


Erfolg! Thank you!