Import data


I am new to Ninox – we are planning to move from MS Access to Ninox.

I normally fight through software issues but this has me baffled.

I have a client database with pre-existing data – let’s say State field.

We currently have the client table – State field linked to the State Table and State pops up to be selected.


When I uploaded the Client table test data to Ninox – it uploaded perfect!

When I uploaded the States table test data to Ninox – it worked perfect!

When I linked Ninox Client table to Ninox State table  - worked perfect – but it gave me a separate field for State?


We want the user to click on the Ninox table client state field and have state pop up. 

We don’t want a second field and we don’t want to lose existing data when we upload.


Is there an example  database somewhere we can de-construct?

I have read the manual it does not discuss this or I did not see it. 

The manual did a good job of explaining links and relationships but, I am not clear what happens when data is uploaded and

you want to create a relationship to another table.


We of course do not want to recode all the State field data, but we don’t want a 2nd field either.

Where do you suggest we look for a discussion on this issue?