In an invoice solution I want to create a new record with many list values, from related table, already added, is this possible?


This will save time by entering all the basic invoice items at once where I can simply add quantities or remove a line item if necessary.


...or;  Is there a way to enter a group of items (automatically or manually) to an invoice?

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What about creating a "template" invoice and ducplicate it if need and adjust the customer and quantities?

You may also add a button in the Clients table and write a script that creates a specific invoice with the predefined invoice items.

Best, Jörg

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I have the same problem.  The idea is too create an invoice in my book keeping system. The book keeping system and Ninox are connected to Zapier. It seems that ninox is not able to find all line items. The invoicve gets created only with the first line item it finds.

Is ninox able to find more than the first line item? If no, is there any other option to create not only the first line item?

Thank you for your help.

Cheers Florian


I ended up using spreadsheet program and a template there works fine.

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Hi Florian, 

in order to create more item lines you can use a loop in the formula, like:


for i in select 'Items' do 

create itemline....



For connection to Zapier one of our API workshops would be a good opportunity to talk to our experts.

Either on Fridays at 10:00 (mainly in German) or Mondays at 17:00 (in English).
You can register for the workshops here:

Kind regards, Jörg


Thank you for your help. Creating line items in Ninox was thanks to the forum no problem. My Problem is creating line items in my bookkeeping system. I have already registered for next Monday Zapier workshop.

Kind Regards, Florian


I would reccomend people take a look at integromat it is far more flexible than zapier in a lot of ways and it is very good at connecting directly to api's such as ninox and then pushing data out to services such as dropbox. It would be good if Ninox created a connector also.