Is the API broken?

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I've turned my automations off and I am still getting 429 Too many requests back from the API. I am using postman to test and I am only getting a 200 response maybe 1 in 20 requests. Seems to make no difference how long I pause between requests! Has there been another undocumented change made to the API or is there something wrong with my account or prehaps some sort of DoS? Any help from anyone would be most welcome as I am currently having to manually do a number of business processes including invoicing and scheduling as the API and these 429 errors have effectively broken my automations. Is anyone else affected? I have raised a support ticket but currently no response from the team!

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Still no response from support, I've been impacted all day still no sign of it working!! Is anyone else getting nothing but 429 responses or is it just me? Feeling very isolated and unheard!

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Please have a look here:

Thanks, Jörg