Is there a way to enforce the required fields so a record row will not be added unless all required fields are completed?

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"Hi, that is not possible, as records are created on instance.

Though we have this thought already on the change request list."

Unfortunately, this is a serious design issue and needs to be fixed without offering workarounds I am planning to build serious business apps and as long as this is not fixed I can't offer this seriously to clients.

Pls provide a timeline.



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I agree on this. For me this is also a show stopper. Unfortunately, because I like the tool.


How can Ninox be considered a serious platform without such a rudimentary feature. The absence of error checking before saving is a fundamental flaw which renders all the good features redundant.

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This is just whipping a dead horse. Frank has made it clear they are not going to change their paradigm...


If you want to validate before adding records, it can be done.


Is there a way I can force a form/view/table to be open when a select a DB/Table? If so I can see a way to force the behavior.

I need to do this as the DB get clutter with to many uncomplete records.



BTW: The link above give a 404


 Clarification - I know the triggers on a table (“onCreate”) but I like to force my user in to a Special Tabel when they open the DB.

I alos want to stop them from using the tabel view or at least have it READ ONLY.




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As for “force user to a special table when they open the DB” ... YES.. use the “trigger after open” event found in the admin (gear) / options.

I am not following “stop them from using the tabel view or at least have it READ ONLY”.   If you mean the default table view.. usually denoted as ALL .. Yes.. you can create a form view.. then delete (or hide) the table view.

Have it “read only”... Is that just the table view?? or the entire table?   If entire table, yes.. you can use “allowed to write” and / or “writeable if” found on the table design.



I can work with that.