is there a way to make a view table with each row discribing some field?


I need to explain I think! :) I have a table with some purchase. Like this:

purchase 1 = product1, product2, product3, product4

each product have its qty and price...and I have a total

I would like to make a table view like this:

product1  qty   price  total

product2  qty   price  total

product3  qty   price   total


but It only seem to give the results like this:

product1 qty price total  product2 qty price total product3 qty price total


I wont have a large table so line by line would be fine...Any way to do it?


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Please have a look into our template "Invoices". You can load that via the button "New database". 

There you will find the subtable "Invoice items" in the invoices which is showing what you are looking for.

Kind regards, Jörg