It seems to be impossible to include a “View”-field in the print lay-out? Is that true?


Dear Ninox Ninja’s,

It seems to be impossible to include a “View”-field in the print lay-out? Is that true?

If so, any way to circumvent this issue?

Here are some details:
Edit a Table
Click “Add layout element”
Click “View”

You can use this View to pull data from other Tables using Formulas.

Extremely useful; however; it seems as if you can’t get this “View” field to be printed as well….

Looking forward to hearing this is user related ;).




PS I think I might have already gotten one baby step further. You can add formula fields to the print lay-out.

Using 'A) Project Items'.'B) Time Used' does give the record IDs I am after… However, it only displays these IDs and nothing more. Any idea how to display the value of the variables/fields associated with these records? Can you choose the order as well? Also; can you change the “header” names of that table as well?


I have 1 Master table called Projects.

This tables contains another 3 tables: Subprojects, Labour, Parts.

I would like to “print” a list of the following given the Project an user has selected listing all Subprojects + Labour + Parts for those Subprojects belonging to that Project.

So something like this:

Project: XYZ
Subproject: Task 1
Labour: 5 hours | 50 euro
Parts: 3x Part 1, 2x Part 2, 130x Part 3 | 200 euro

Subproject: Task 2
Labour: 51 hours | 505 euro
Parts: 30x Part 1, 22x Part 3 | 200 euro


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Hi, Bas,
I've made an example here.

You can either place the texts in a subtable (subprojects) or write everything in a text field.



Dear Leonid,

This is absolutely excellent... Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge... Very much appreciated...

It's funny too; I had already spent quite some time on this issue and you seem to have it solved in "no time". (And with basically zero turn around time as well; on a Sunday; haha!)

I will see if I can reproduce your work in my current "Master Database" and I am already looking forward to learning more about Ninox and f.i. the JOIN command...

Thanks again,


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🤨 Another undocumented function... join()

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Hi Sean, 

I have now added the description of the join() function in our "Refrence of Functions and Language":

join(array,"separator") - Returns a string result with each element separated by a separator of your choice. That can also be a line break and/or a string.


Kind regards, Jörg

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Hi Jörg,


Thank you for that. The reason I said "Another" is there are still others that are missing. I did mention this in another thread...


The numbers() function and the modulo operator are not in the "Refrence of Functions and Language". Are there any other useful functions that are missing from the documentation?


Best regard, Sean


Dear All,

Any idea if you can replace the comma between parts with a "space or line break" instead? 

Here's the original code:

join('A) Project Items'.("Subproject: " + 'Project Item Name' + "
" + "Labour: " + sum('B) Time Used'.hours) + " hours" + " | " + sum('B) Time Used'.Total) + "
Parts: " + concat('C) Materials Used'.(Quantity + "x " + 'Part Name')) + " | " + sum('C) Materials Used'.'Total Price')), "



This is what it looks like:



This is what I am going for:










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Bas, try replacing concat() with join()


Well spotted Sean!


I have tried the following:

join('Project Items'.'Materials Used'.'Article Name', "");
join('Project Items'.'Materials Used'.text(Quantity), "");
join('Project Items'.'Materials Used'.text(Quantity); text("RANDOM TEXT");'Project Items'.'Materials Used'.text(Quantity), "tada")


The first two lines do give a correct result. The third; unfortunately not. Any idea what I should do different?


Here's the actual code I am trying to get working:

join(‘Materials Used'.(Quantity + "x " + 'Article Name' + " (" + 'Line Total' + ")")), " Random separator")


Thanks as always,