Linked tables and slide-in forms

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I've set up three tables: LEADERS, IMAGES and STORIES.

The links to and from are set up like this:

ONE leader to a choice of image records

ONE story to a choice of image records

ONE leader to a choice of stories

This works - except that it's a loop and can generate a potentially infinite number of new forms sliding in. Is there any way to prevent this? I'm trying to facilitate an editing workflow where a leader and the associated stories and images are all easy to reach.

I could remove the link between STORIES and IMAGES, but then the images for a given story could only be accessed by going via the LEADER table. 

Advice appreciated. Thanks!

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David.. are you looking for something like this?? 

A Leader may upload 0-N images..   From the images that a Leader has uploaded.. they may asign an image to 1-N Stories.. 


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Sorry.. technically that is a Leader would assign an image to 0-N stories. 

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Yes, I think that's it. I just don't know how to write the formula in the formula field. And can the image be assigned from Images to Leader?

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David... Check out the Story form on the database I provided in the team.. Is this what you are after? 

let imageId := number(Image.Id);
let i := (select Image)[Id = imageId];

I create a "view" that pulls the associated image.. 


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Michael that's close, but it looks like your solution targets a particular image? What I'm really after here is a formula field in the LEADER record that will automatically display whatever image happens to be PIC 1 in the assigned IMAGES record. I don't know how to code that query. Rest of the database is shaping up well. Thanks for your help!



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I have that already on the leader form.

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Can you send the link again, please? 

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I think I've resolved this. Thanks!

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I emailed you the database direct. 

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