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How do I link records in a formula?  In a record in TBL_C, I want to link all records from TBL_A and TBL_B that are not already linked to a record in TBL_C.  How can I do this?


To clarify...

Each record in TBL_C has a 1:N reference to TBL_A called TBL_A_REF and a 1:N reference to TBL_B called TBL_B_REF.  The field in TBL_A that references (N:1) TBL_C is called TBL_C_REF, and likewise for TBL_B.

From a function in a record in TBL_C, I think I can get a handle to the records from TBL_A that are not already linked to any record in TBL_C by doing

select TBL_A where cnt(TBL_C_REF)=0

But I don't know how to add these records to TBL_C_REF.  How do I do this?


**Correction** The last sentence should say:

But I don't know how to add these records to TBL_A_REF in the record in TBL_C.


I have a similar setup and would love to hear the answer to this too!

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you need to find out the ID of the datarecord a past it into the the reference field (TBL_C_REF). Then you can link the tables via the "Update multiple records..." function.

I am not sure how the records of the tables A and C refere to each other. Do they have a key field with a matching content?

A very simple formula to do the connection is the following, but I hope it will show the principle:


let t1 := 'First Name';

(select Personen)['First Name' = t1].Id


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Where can i find a manual or more details about the language used here for programming so I can study and learn this on my on...please point me in the right direction.

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Our Reference of Functions and Language can be found in our User Manual here:

Kind regards, Jörg