Location of data file?


Where is the database data file located locally (I'm quite sure it is stored locally)? Also, how can I tell if it is located locally or if its stored in iCloud

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Dear Doug,

The Ninox databases are stored on your local device as follows:

Ninox App - Local databases on the Mac:

Note that the "Library" folder is accessible in the Finder like this:
- Open Finder.
- Select "Go" from the menu and press the "Option" key.


The path for the data you have stored in your iCloud is the following:
cd ~/Library/Mobile\Documents/BJE6SD455T~de~ninoxdb~ninox-ios/data

Please note that this path can only be opened via the Terminal and not via the Finder.



Kind regards, Jörg


Is it possible to change that folder, so Ninox accesses a different path?


Does this application has the ability to store data in the cloud and have a front-end secured database where multiple users may access information from a network at different locations? Trying to minimize local server storage opportunities 

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Dear raccord95,


We have two product lines:
The Ninox Apps for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.
Here your data will be stored locally or (for the Mac products) on your iCloud drive.
There is a one time payment only for the Mac App ($38,99), the Ninox Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android Phone are free.
You can install the Ninox App for Mac on up to 5 devices if these devices run on the same Apple ID. The Ninox App is basically for a single user that might have a couple of devices. Databases can be synched and shared with iCloud without having a Ninox Cloud subscription.

Ninox Cloud - our cloud service for any browser.
This is a subscription service which allows team collaboration and cloud storage in the Ninox Cloud.
A user can log into the Ninox Cloud with username and password on any browser or from within any Ninox App. Team collaboration, user management, user rights and restrictions etc. are only available in Ninox Cloud. This product is recommended for more than 1 user who need to share a database and make changes.

You are invited to start a 30 days trial version. The trial version will be the Ninox Cloud version in any case. If you will once decide to go on with the App, you can transfer your databases to the App easily. At the end of the trial period the trial will terminate and will not pass over into a subscription automatically.
Please start your trial version here: https://ninox.com/en/sign-up 


Best regards, Jörg


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Hi Jörg,


Trying to access iCloud files:

From you previous post,

"The path for the data you have stored in your iCloud is the following:
cd ~/Library/Mobile\Documents/BJE6SD455T~de~ninoxdb~ninox-ios/data

Please note that this path can only be opened via the Terminal and not via the Finder."


Terminal says "There is not such directory..."

The path has changed?

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I can't find the files on my Mac. I have the Mac App.


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For files on a Mac...




Hi Sean -

In Mac OS11 there is no longer de.ninoxdb.ninox-mac.Ninox folder anymore. There is a "Ninox Database" folder. But the trail dies after /Data/Documents/data. This folder is empty and there are no hidden folders. I wonder where it is?

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Hi Fred,

I'm using macOS 11.2.2 and I see what you are saying about the path in Finder. If you look down at status bar in Finder, you'll see the hierarchical list of folders. The way I got the path I posted was by control+clicking the last folder or file in the path and then I chose "Copy MyFilename as Pathname" from the popup menu. That's the path I use when I display an image using the html() function. When I control+click on "Ninox Database" down at the bottom of Finder and choose - Copy "Ninox Database" as Pathname - this is what is copied to the clipboard...




I don't know why you aren't seeing any folders or files. After Documents/data, I have a list of folders that are named the same as the databases in the Mac app. When I click on one of those folders, I see files and folders that contain attachments for that database.

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