Many to Many Relationships

Hopefully this is an easy fix.

I have set up two tables: "Work" & "Drawings"

I have managed to link entries in Drawings so they can be linked to an entry in Work.

I can have as many drawing entries linked to an entry in Work, but when I came to add another entry in my Work table, I was unable to select an existing entry in Drawing as it had been inextricably linked to a previous Work entry.

The problem I have is I create an entry in Work and link a drawing.

My client will sometimes come back for alterations a few days or weeks later to the drawing so it becomes another new entry in Work. As I have already linked the drawing to the first Work activity I am now unable to link it to the new Work activity

Does this mean I need to have Many to Many Relationship?

I think I read somewhere that I am unable to do this in Ninox without adding another table or some such workaround.

ANy help would be much appreciated.

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@David.. One strategy is to create an association table between Work and Drawings. 


For ease of use, you will want to manage the "WorkDrawings" association table as a hidden table.. and build the associations as you add drawings to your Work items. 

Check out NinoxUS .. I believe Andy has a tutorial on this. 




Thanks for the response, I will check out his site and see if I can understand the tutorial ;)

Really appreciate the help you are giving me while I am getting to grips with all these concepts.

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I have also written a couple of blog posts about this topic - they are availabe on my new blog / forum site dedicated to online databases:


There are other Ninox related articles there as well - all welcome!!

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Sorry Julian .. I forgot about your blog.. Yes.. those are informative as well!  Thanks for the efforts!   Looks like David has the classic "associative" for a many to many... That said.. In his use case.. He could accomplish the same by opening another "task" against the "project" that developed the drawing. :)