Ninox Bug Reports


I am reporting some bugs that I have experienced with Ninox:

- There appears to be a problem syncing a database when switching between iPhone and iPad. These are the steps that demonstrate the problem:

1. Reorganize the database on the iPad, so you can make admin changes.
2. Make the changes and close the database.
3. Switch to the iPhone and open the database.
* You often will see that the Id field is visible, even if it was previously hidden.
* The designation of which columns are visible has changed.
* Some of the views are missing.
* There might be one or more additional views called "(all)".
4. If you close then reopen the database on the iPhone, it will fix the problem by correctly syncing the choice of visible columns and list of views, but this may require opening the database 2-3 times on that device.
5. The same problems occur if reorganizing and making changes on the iPhone, then switching to the iPad.

- Importing a CSV file that has multiple paragraphs in a single field into multiline or rich text field converts the data within the field to a single paragraph, if I initiate the import from the Ninox app on the iPhone or iPad. If I instead start by selecting the CSV file in iCloud, (using the Files app), tap the share button, then select Copy to Ninox to begin the import, the separate paragraphs are correctly maintained.

- Using Update Multiple Records to copy a multiline text field to a rich text field converts the data within the field to a single paragraph, when there are multiple paragraphs in the source field.

- Using the Google keyboard on an iPhone XS to enter or edit text information on a Ninox form crashes the app. You can usually enter maybe 50-100 characters into a multiline text field before the app locks up, then closes. But this happens consistently.

I have usually experienced these problems with Ninox 2.X. Some of them still exist in Ninox 3.0 for the iPad; others I haven't verified in 3.0.


Correction and clarification:

The app lockups occur when using QuickPath (slide-touch) on the Apple keyboard. The app does not lock up when using the Google keyboard with slide-touch..