Ninox database file on iCloud isn't visible and thus difficult to backup


I am using the Mac version of Ninox on 2 Macs.

I have the database file hosted on iCloud.

When I look at iCloud storage, I know it is taking up space, but it doesn't show up as file that I can copy or backup.

Why is that?

How can I backup my database, other than making an archive from time to time. I prefer automatic backups.

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As far as we know Apple has restricted the access to application data on the iCloud. You can not see the files anymore.
You can download and store the Ninox database manually. Select "Save archive as..." from the main menu.

Best, Jörg


I just realized this - this is a really big problem (since now there's no way to restore a backup). Is there a way around it in order to make backups? I use about 6 different databases for important parts of various jobs, and I've just realized that despite backing up everything on my computer, this doesn't appear to be backed up.


I end up duplicating my one database to a local Dropbox folder. But it's a pain that there isn't an easy way to automate backups for data that is in iCloud.


Thanks for the suggestion. It seems that iCloud data is backed up in Time Machine, just hard to get to by average users. I suppose I shouldn't count on Apple making it any easier any time soon. Ninox support has been wonderful with these questions, though.


I go to Database in the Menu bar of Ninox, and select "Save Archive as", I then save to a specific local Dropbox folder and overwrite the previous backup file. Remembering to do this on a regular basis is the hassle.


How does Time Machine end up with a back up of Ninox data on iCloud? Have you tried a Time Machine restore?



Josh, even if the file is not normally visible, it still must have a valid pathname.  What is it?

Note that it ought to be possible to script automatic backups and it would be appropriate for Ninox to provide the script.