Order reference field (static text, last 2 digits of date, auto number)
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Hi again

I'd like to give orders a reference number structured like:





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Accidentally submitted!


Anyway, above structure where

OR = statis text

19 = last 2 digits of the order date (i.e the year)

001 = auto-increasing number

Having trouble wrapping my head around the best way to do so.

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Hi Sarah, 

you can use the following formula for that in the option "Trigger after create" in the table properties or in a button.


let myyear := format(today(), "YY");
let myOrderNr := max((select Purchases where substr('Order number', 3, 2) = myyear).number(substr('Order number', 6)));
if cnt(myOrderNr) < 1 then
'Order number' := text("OR_" + number(format(today(), "YY")) + "_0001")
'Order number' := text("OR_" + number(format(today(), "YY")) + "_" + format(myOrderNr + 1, "0000"))

Kind regards, Jörg