PDF format



Is there a way of setting up the PDF print of my database to have a few additional pages as you would normally have on a report.


Such as 


1 - Front page

2 - Contents Page (listing each page auto updated like Microsoft word) hopefully

3 - Executive Summary


Then the database sheets


Thank you 


To add to this.  On the database, I have a multi-choice bit to select and have put in a coloured icon Red for 1 Yellow for 2 and Green for 3.  But when it prints to pdf the coloured icon isn't there


There may be other ways

But what I do for ordere achnowledegsment is I have extra tabs on my orders form Tab2  - Order Acknowledgements Tab3 is Special Offers

Each tabs a has a few extra fields so I can input any variable info on fro each order and  rich tect filed that has the standard letter etc on it.

I then have an include yes/no field at the top of these pages to allow them to be added to any print out!

So can't see why you can't do what you want to do...