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I have pretty good experience with MySQL, but I'm loving learning this new software.  I'm helping my daughter build a database for her softball coaching schedule.  I have created a table of students and a table of lessons.  The students table has information like first name, last name, hourly rate, lesson duration, etc.  The lessons table contains things like time, date, name of student, rate, duration, notes, paid, etc.

When she enters a new lesson, she enters the time and date, and then I have a reference back to students so she can select from her list of students.  Once she does, how do I get the other student-specific fields from Students to populate in Lessons... such as rate and duration?  Thanks for the help!



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Bobby.. just like in SQL.. effectively .. they are already there by creating the join reference between the two.    I proposed a solution for a person looking to track Student Attendance.. Perhaps this will help you. .

Ninox will automatically put a reference grid there for you..   If that does not have all the columns you need.. You can always create your own view. 

Hope that helps. 


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I'm a college TA in chemical engineering and I've a database of 200+ students. Where can I find examples of design strategies for a Student Attendance module? And also: is it possible to add attendance points to each student separately based on the formula (not manually)?


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