Prevent new entry if required field empty



      I have a Table with 2 required fields (country and state). If a start a new entry with USA and let the state field empty, it will be in red to tell that is required...but if I quit, it added the new entry with ID, USA and empty field for state...

Is there a way to prevent the entry to be added if required field is empty?


Thank you!


Also, Is there a way to have drop down menu inside the adresse table form that let you choose among the state list based on country choice?

I have a drop down list with Country choice, I wish to have the next drop down show me only the state linked to the country selected... if nothing selected it could show all the list...

Because for now, from what I see, if I add some new country and states, I would have to update each drop down list...etc

Would be nice to be able to link those choice list with table or view...


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For your first question ..(require state, do not let it be empty)... the best you can do is add an after update trigger and provide an alert.  Even if you mark the field "required".. there is nothing to prevent the user from "x" closing the form. 

For country / state ..  you could build a state table that has country on it.. and then add a contraint such that if they select a country, only show rows for that country. 

Another approach .. but does not meet your .. "if nothing selelcted show all the list" requirement... is to create a choice field for each country that you support . and use the "display field only if" formula to display the proper choice box..    I would go with the former solution. 


yes, that what I found, I made a table with country and related state. Then I made a country choice list. According to the country selected, the next filed is linked to the country/state table and show only the state column according to country selected...Works fine!


I have a question about form, I see that each form item is linked with table fields. Is there a way to add some item without any link to a table and then use a button to fill up the field? I would have to have let say a form that permit me to fill a list of client puchase for exemple. Is it possible to built a client list with their purchased and at the end click a button and each entry would go to the right table...

Like a listbox where column 1 would be the client, column 2 item purchased, column 4 price... etc so when I click the button, each line in the textbox would fill the client purchase table and all the related tables...


I have let say some meeting and each meeting is host by a client and other client can purchase some item...etc so I would like to fill up a meeting with the right host and each client with their purchase...etc and at the end hitting the button to add those entry...

I know Ms Access use VBA script to do so but with ninox, is there a way to do something like this? I also see that when you start entering an entry and change your mind or a required field is missing, it still add the entry. Is there a way to abort the entry if not complete? 



Hi, sorry to have so much question, but here another thing, I have create a table named "lieu de rencontre" and I made it composit to contact table. When I create a field inside Contact table, I just cannot see my table in the list above...the only way I can see it is to go to "Atelier" table and expand to "Lieu de rencontre" because "lieu de rencontre" may be "Atelier" entry.

Why I cannot see my table? It seem to be linked same way of phone or other table...



I have a question concerning composit table. First , I have a table inside contact. When I edit this table and select a contact from the list, I cannot change this contact, once selected I m unable to select another one, it lead me to the contact form (where I can change the contact information but imposible to change the contact itself)

Another question would be : is it possible to have the countac field display in the composite table to show only the countact that are not already linked...

For exemple, if I have 3 contact (1,2 & 3) and the composit table is (red,blk & green) I want to be able first (like my first question) to assign a contact (1, red) but to change the contact from there (2, red). After that, (2nd question) is there a way maybe with constraint, that If contact 1 is linked to red in composit table, to not showing this contact in the contact field within the composit table, so it would be impossible to have the same contact assign twice...

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A good possibility to ask all your questions would be our webinar and it would be nice if you could bring them up there.

Thank you very much.

At our Ninox webinar tips and tricks will be presented in the first 30 minutes, the remaining 90 minutes will be used for a live support where the participants' concerns will be solved. 

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Kind regards, Jörg


Just a little question here, I wish to show only differents values from a field! I have a Label field that can take let say 3 different value. Value A, B & C. Each contact can be 'active' in each of those. So contact 1 can be active in A & C and contact 2 in C only and contact 3 none of it...etc

I wish to built a view with the number of client Active in each Field Value. Like:

value          number

A                  1

B                  0

C                 2

If I use this formula it show multiple A , B and C....  (select 'Contact Groupe Inscrits')[actuel = true and Inscrit = true]

I add the field to count manually with this: 

let t := this;
cnt(select 'Contact Groupe Inscrits' where text(Label) = text(t.Label) and actuel = true and Inscrit = true)


is there a simple way to do it without double Label field value?


for now that gives me:

A     1

C    2

C    2


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For a proper formula we would need to know your datamodel a little bit better.

Is it possible for you join our webinar next week (the one I have mentioned above)?

That would be a good opportunaty to have a look on your database.

Thanks, Jörg