Question about the numbers and names of column





I have two questions about the names and numbers of fields


-Sometimes the names of the columns (fields) are just columns Column1, Column2, Column4 …mixed with real names Name Job adress…


When one have to create a function one have to know exactly the number of  order of a column.



Are the number fields and formulas fields to be counted as the others classic fields ?


What is the way to count them ?

I think it is not obvious.


-By the way if one change the names in the funnel icon it does not change in the gear tool icon.

Is there a way to change them in one time ?



Can you give an example of where your columns show up as Column1, Column2, etc. I'm using the web version and I can't seem to figure out how to add a column that does what you describe. If I click on the funnel icon, I can add a formula field, that is the only field that is not already named. If I don't rename it, it shows the name as Formula. I can keep adding more formula fields and if don't rename them they just stay as Formula, so I can have multiple formula fields with the name Formula, but no number is added. Which is kinda weird. You would think Ninox would add a number to make each name unique.





I see that these are just text fields. I guess in French the default name is Column. In English it is just Text. If I keep adding Text fields and not change the name they get numbered.


Have you tried editing the name of the text fields to something that is more recognizable?