question on n:m relationships - using events template


Dear all, I am starting with ninox for mac and I am trying to figure out n:m relationships using the default template Events.

I thought this template worked like this: there were members and a member could participate in any given number of events (becoming a participant). But I do not understand how to add a member as participant to more than one event (the relation should be any member can participate in any number of events).

What I did:

- added an event;

- clicked on the event to open the side panel and on the + sign in participants;

- clicked on the loupe to search for a member and added it to the event;

I then repeated the process, and created a new event, and tried to add the same member to that event. Problem is, the member no longer appears as available when I click on the loupe.

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.







If you look carefully, you will notice that all the "Members" with a single enrollment are unavailable. Only the members with no or several enrollments are available for selection. This does not make sense. And the members with a single enrollment can still receive a second one by using the magnifier button in the "Attendances" table on their formular view, if a "Participants" record with no linked member exists. Bug?


Got it. If you click on "events" on the sidebar, pick any event, click "+" in participants, and click on the empty members bar to select an existing member as participant you'll notice there is a filter in the "concatenate..." column. Removing that filter will make all members show up!