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Is there a way to explicitly grant permission to the owner? The owner doesn't seem to be able to have roles assigned ... if I set a table to be visible to admin only, the owner can't see it, and I can neither add the owner to the admin role, nor make it viewable by owner

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using readable if and writable if, you can explicitly include/exclude users by username or email address ... potential workaround - but then it isn't purely role-based

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and that workaround doesn't work for views

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Hi Faz, 

For the view you could use a little workaround:

The only role (apart from 'admin') which does not disappear if you don't assign it to a user is 'editor'.

So you can show the view only for that role.

The owner will see the view in any case and for the real editor users you can simply create another role name. 

Best, Jörg


I  am in trial version , Clicked Invite and created a another roles to test for role acces rights. sene teh email back to my self as owner.

But  the new role diasppears  wonce I go to another table. Do I need to be ain a paid subsrciption to create multiple roles permanently