Scan QR Codes to create an appointment at that time

Hi everyone!

I've created some QR codes (unique consecutive numbers) which will be related to an specific client.  When the client shows up to class, they must approach to the scanner (conected to Ninox via an ipad) and just scan their QR tags.  After the scan, an appointment (just at the time they showed up) should be created.  I have a very programable Symbol scanner (which can attach prefixes such as TAB and ENTER keys to interact with Ninox).  Any ideas how to do this?  Thanks in advance!


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create a trigger the is executed on the field where you read the QR code. With the trigger you create a record in the appointments table.


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As you created the QR Code.. you should know the format (mecard, vcard, etc..).. If you want the client to have the ability to create their own.. then you will want to parse the input string. 

Sounds like you may also want a "look up" based on some captured data (email address perhaps) to verify that they were registered.. and have not already "checked in".