Search Files by text in filename or for records that have files attached


e.g. I have an attachment called amd.pptx in one of my tables somewhere.   I can't:

a) search and find which record has the file

b) search or display all records that have files attached

I'd like to do both.  I've searched the forums and manual, hopefully I'm missing something obvious, but I can't see how to do this.  Would really appreciate finding away as I have a database riddled with files I can't find.




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concat(files(this)) is the function combination you would use to get the attachment names for the current record. You can use this code in a Formula field to search for attachments that match a search criteria...


let recWithAttachments := "";
for rec in select YourTable do
if contains(upper(concat(files(rec.this))), upper("SearchString")) then
recWithAttachments := recWithAttachments + concat(files(rec.this))


You can use this code to get the record IDs of the matching records...


let recWithAttachments_Ids := "";
for rec in select Invoice do
if contains(upper(concat(files(rec.this))), upper(", mo")) then
recWithAttachments_Ids := recWithAttachments_Ids + rec.Id + ", "

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Well, I forgot to tokenize the second example, but you get the idea ;)


Thank you for that workaround, I'll give it a go.  I would like it so that I can type in the Find box (like I do for absolutely everything else) and then find what I need.  I'm guessing it's not my oversight but a capability that simply doesn't exist?  I should think it be added as a standard feature.