Send Email only once and when Text Block was changed


I want to get notified per email if a user has made changes on a thread or when a given deadline has expired. Regarding the first condition, there is a Text Block where the user can write information. Do you have an idea about how I can check if the content of the Text Block was changed? In this case I could make a request like:

if dialog("Alert", "Send Update?", ["Yes", "No"]) = "Yes" then

If on the other hand a deadline has expired, the user did not make a direct change I could check. I currently ask

if Deadline <= today()

instead. However, by this method Ninox sends emails repeatedly. Do you have any suggestions on how to send this email only once or once a day? 

Many thanks!


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To check if content of field has changed you could add code to the "Trigger after update" property of the field. Regarding the emails, you could use a hidden number field as a variable that is set to either 0 or 1, and only send the email when that variable is changed. Unfortunately, I do not have time right now to test these approaches.


Thanks for your reply!
Unfortunately it seems like a dialog or alert box in Trigger after Update is not supported:

The only way would be to automatically send an email without asking the user. However, in this case, i would need a variable like you suggest to only send it once. So I created a Number-Field with 0 as Default Value and when I try to change the value in the Formula that sends the email (for example when a Deadline has passed) to 1, Ninox says "This formula may not change the data.". Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Please provide a sample of your code.