Spam spam spam span spam egg and chips


I have looked into the stars and forsee a Big Fuss if Someone doesn't do something about stopping all the spam here. Its too valuable a resourse to allow this polution and it makes Ninox look bad.


I see they've all gone now so some people wont apreaciate the humour.


I'll start later in the mornings in the hope Someone clears them all out after breakfast!


Ah Davie

I'm afraid they have not gone!

This is a continuing issue and one that Ninox needs to sort once and for all as it has been going on for ever!.

The site gets hit most weekends and someone finally is manually removing them every Monday(ish)

so you can expect a lot more early next week. :-(




I'm afraid they have not gone!


I don't see the ones from this morning, there were about three pages worth.


I do like this forum, its very useful for a new user like me and I apreaciate the help other more experienced folk offer. But its a pain to use, quite slow and as I mentione has interface issues. I do prefer forums running modern software such as Discourse.


Sadly Ninox has shown that it doesn't really care. Many of us have complained. Many have gotten responses that they are working on it. And years later we have a new generation of users experiencing the same thing.


Maybe Ninox should just end the forums if they don't really care? I'm sure the people who have to check every so often are tired of it as well.


Anyways, here we are at the same place with the same complaints.


Yes, more spam this morning.


Shame as Ninox are taking people's money every month. Personally I'm only a single user so at the end of the day I can drop Ninox and go elsewhere without much loss.


Without these forums I wouldn't be using Ninox. Or I'd be bothering support every day. So they must be cheaper to run than answer my basic questions all day.


Frankly - Beacuase Ninox DONT read or comment on this form anymore. I think we all should set a saved email with a string of issues etc listed and keep firing the same email to them once a week - then maybe --- just maybe! they might start to take some notice!


Hi Mel -


I use to send an email everytime there was spam then I got my hand slapped by their Support team for doing that. And the forums are just the same as they are.


I'm not here to tell anyone what to do, but don't be surprised if you hear back from them.


Hi Fred

Thanks for the warning. However I do have and am in regular contact with Ninox support and to be fair I email them to not only "softly complain" but for feature requests and to thank/praise them where I belive they have served us well. That said, I do believe that they operate like most software developer houses insofar as they won't add or change something unless they get enough demand/requests. You can be the best programmer and develop something great but it is the user base that really does all the testing and finds the shortfalls or need for change.

Ninox really should address all the basics. ie a decent set of beginner/intermediate/advanced manual/guides/videos. Proper interaction with the forum or at worst appoint a member of staff to monitor/feedback and update users!. Be honest ffedback about some of the shortfalls and show a few workaround examples and publically show what is on the intended feature / fix list and what has not been accepted would be a great start and give usesrs confidenced that they belong to something.

In my experience most users don't want to constantly jump ship - they are looking for something that maybe not be perfect but can get the job done. Ninox can do that - it is good software! but they just need to help the users a bit more!.

So my stance is still the same - if you voice a comment on the forum and no one is listening... what response can you expect.? Better to email Ninox direct and of course be polite etc. 

Example many users have stated they would like some kind of timer event in Ninox. (me too!) If we all ask support to add it to a feature list we stand a better chance of it being implemented (not guranteed i grant you but we may improve the odds in our favour).

God gave us 2 ears for a reason! I would urge Ninox to turn their dial from transmit to receive! :-)