'Support Ninox' <support@ninoxdb.de> email unresponsive

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I have sent several emails to the support email and have been ignored for a couple of weeks now, Can I get a response?

I used to receive a reply in a day but now I feel that there is no support at all.

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Hello Andre, 

We are very sorry about that, but we have sent you several e-mails in reply on your questions and with our attempts to reach you, but did not get any answer form you. Have you already checked your spam folders and settings? 

We will try to call today in some minutes.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards, Jörg



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Support has been GREAT!!  You guys ROCK! 

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Hi Everyone, it turns out it was an internal problem on our side, Ninox support team called me and we sorted out the problem. Thank you.