synching problem with icloud


I have Ninox installed as a Mac app on a laptop and desktop. Both are set up to synch to iCloud. The laptop works fine, but the database on the desktop will not update. 

I've followed the instructions from the manual and turned off iCloud on the desktop, then restarted. After that I turned the iCloud back on. But all I get is the old out of date database that originally was on the desktop.

Not sure what to do at this point. 

Is it possible there is one database on the desktop and another one in the icloud and I'm connected to the wrong one?



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Hi Michael, 

the databases that are saved in your iCloud are stored in the tab "My databases" and have little cloud sign in the database icon. 

Please make also sure, that you are logged into your devices which you want to sync with the same Apple/iCloud ID.

Best, Jörg


I have the problem solved now